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Why Select ReconMR?

Reconnaissance Market Research or ReconMR is a strong research agency focused on enterprise clients’ primary research needs for strategic decision-making.

experiencedFast, flexible and consultative, the seasoned ReconMR team blends art and sound science in its hands-on work. It is our mission to employ both innovative and proven methods and support strategic decision-making for the retail, technology, media, healthcare and energy sectors in our client engagements.

We are dynamic and nimble in our management of your study, providing full-service, end-to-end research and a large toolbox. Our seasoned founders, each with over 15 years’ experience in research, are hands-on in our client engagements and work to leverage their deep experience and provide value-added consultation.

We’re from Austin, with offices in Houston, College Station and San Marcos, Texas. To learn more, see our Company History.

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