TRACT: Telephone Researchers Assisting Contact Tracing

Are you looking to quickly ramp up your COVID-19 contact tracing activities? Let us help.

Reconnaissance Market Research (ReconMR) is one of the largest providers of U.S. based telephone survey research. For more than 25 years, ReconMR has delivered high-quality data collection services for government agencies, universities, and research partners in the private sector. Our TRACT program is designed to help public health organizations bolster their contact tracing activities.

Why ReconMR?

Our team has proven experience carrying out complex research protocols and we are ready to assist. We can amplify your COVID-19 contact tracing efforts with over 1,000 highly trained, bilingual telephone interviewers and state-of-the-art technology.


Expertly Trained Staff

  • 1,000+ telephone interviewers
  • Familiar with IRB Protocols, Human Subjects Protection Training, Multi-Modal Coordination and Survey Research Procedures
  • Vetted staff – successful criminal background check required
  • English and Spanish language capabilities
  • Established partnerships with tenured social science researchers

Advanced Technology

  • Industry leading multi-modal contact management and data collection interviewing software (Voxco) integrates all communication methods
  • Experience using client hosted CRM software and a wide variety of data collection/tracking systems
  • Advanced inbound/outbound telephony systems designed for maximum efficiency and contact rates with extensive reporting capabilities

High-Volume Calling Capacity

  • 700+ onsite stations between 5 call-center locations
  • Secure work-from-home capabilities for continuity
  • Daytime and evening calling hours cover all time zones

Secure Infrastructure

  • Network and physical security exceed industry standards
  • Data Security, Integrity and Confidentiality Policy has been scrutinized and approved by clients that adhere to HIPAA and FISMA compliance requirements to protect PII/PHI

Proven Quality Assurance

  • Call monitoring and validation protocol
  • Standardized scripts and FAQs
  • Audio and visual monitoring

Relevant Project Experience

  • Hurricane Harvey Disaster Recovery Research Studies
  • CDC Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS)
  • Texas Health of Houston Survey
  • California Health Interview Survey (CHIS)
  • Mecklenburg County, NC Health Surveillance Annual Tracking Study

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